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Need assistance for a feedback translation[编辑]


I need some help about this feedback. The translation tools are not helpful at all.

Thanks! :) Trizek (WMF)留言) 2017年6月20日 (二) 14:23 (UTC)

Hi Trizek, the feedback has been translated to English, below:
  1. The feature of redirecting does not work in the way as it is in articles. E.g., if you search for UK, you will be redirected to "United Kingdom", while there will be a note at the top left corner: (Redirected from UK). When you click on the "UK", you are able to access the original redirect page instead of the target page. Flow does not allow you to do this.
  2. If there is no argument/parameter specified in {{Documentation}}, Flow would not automatically refer to /doc subpage.
  3. Variable modules put into the description/content section does not work. Solution: empty the content and add the same thing to it. (For this sentence, I am not able to fully understand the original text either. Help from anyone else would be appreciated)
  4. Wiki codes put into the description/content section would appear with unnecessary "nowikis". (As reflected in the second line of the original text) No solution available, unless you have time to delete them one by one.
  5. The Simplified Chinese-Traditional Chinese conversion does not always work in the description/content section. Example: Topic:Tr7cqxmh2gozko4n
  6. You can't add categories to topics in Flow. Example: Topic:Tpy3eq9k8ml3teiq.
  7. You can't directly reply to a paragraph if it is at the bottom of the topic. (Once again, the original text sounds a bit ambiguous)
These are only preliminary translations and may need to be further corrected by users more familiar with the system. Thank you for your concerns.Kou Dou 2017年6月20日 (二) 23:42 (UTC)
Thank you very much, Kou Dou. It is very helpful! Trizek (WMF)留言) 2017年6月21日 (三) 08:15 (UTC)