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Welcome to WikiProject Roald Dahl. This WikiProject is a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to the author Roald Dahl and the surrounding subjects. We currently have 60 articles under the scope of this project, which generally includes articles where Roald Dahl is a relevant focus to the subject. This WikiProject aims primarily to improve and organise these articles in an attempt to establish a standard. Such an effort endeavours to produce a reference that has value as an authority on material, is easy to read, and has a consistent style.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, add yourself to the list of participants, see the to-do list or just start editing.

Please see the Guide to WikiProjects and the Directory of WikiProjects for more information on Wikiprojects.


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Once you have added your name to the list, you can add this userbox to your homepage,

RDThis user is a member of the Roald Dahl task force


Please feel free to add to this list. If you feel a task has been completed feel free to remove it and start a new one!

  1. Become a member of the task force and encourage others to do so.
  2. Tag articles for the task force.
  3. Improve: George's Marvellous Medicine.
  4. Improve: Going Solo.
  5. Work on all Roald Dahl related articles mainly focusing on stubs.
  6. Assess articles on class and importance.
  7. Get Roald Dahl to FA or GA


Articles with Good Article statusEdit

Articles selected for "Did You Know?"Edit

Portal:RoaldDahl/box-header This task force assesses articles on quality and importance according to the WP:1.0 quality scale. If you feel any article is incorrectly assessed, you can either change it yourself, selecting the correct article class from the scale, or request an assessment from this department for a more objective viewpoint.


This task force uses the WP:1.0 quality scale to assess its articles.

This task force's importance scale can be found below.

Label Criteria Examples
Top Subject is a "core" topic relating to Roald Dahl and is highly significant to a general audience. Roald Dahl
High Subject is very notable or significant when considering Roald Dahl and has some significance to a general audience. The Twits
Mid Subject is notable or significant with relation to Roald Dahl (or to a historian), but not necessarily outside it. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)
Low Subject is not particularly notable or significant even within the field of Roald Dahl, and may have been included primarily to achieve comprehensive coverage of a more relevant subject. Repton School

Assessing articlesEdit

Article assessment is completed through the Wikiproject Novels banner. Before assessment, articles must be tagged for Wikiproject novels by adding {{WikiProject Novels}} to their talk page. They must then be included in this task force by adding the parameter |roald-dahl-task-force=yes to the Novels template, i.e. {{WikiProject Novels|roald-dahl-task-force=yes}}

Once articles have been tagged for the task force, class can be assessed using the parameter |class= followed by the class of the article in question. For example, a Stub-class article could be tagged with {{WikiProject Novels|roald-dahl-task-force=yes|class=Stub}}

Similarly, importance can be assessed using the parameter |roald-dahl-importance= followed by the importance of the article in question. For example, a Mid-importance article could be tagged with {{WikiProject Novels|roald-dahl-task-force=yes|roald-dahl-importance=Mid}}

These parameter can be used together or separately, but ideally articles should be assessed on both quality and importance. The addition of these parameters will not effect the use of any other parameters already in place in the novels template.

Assessment requestsEdit

If you would like to request an assessment of a Roald Dahl related article, please list is below. Please sign all requests.

  1. Roald Dahl sillybillypiggy¡SIGN NOW OR ELSE! 17:47, 25 November 2011 (UTC)



The following templates may be useful for task force members.