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The Lemony Snicket task force is a group of Wikipedians formed to better organize information in articles related to Lemony Snicket and A Series of Unfortunate Events. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this task force will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, see the to do list, or simply keep on eye on the Lemony Snicket task force watchlist.

List of participantsEdit

If you would like to join the Lemony Snicket task force, click the "edit" link to the right and add your username below in alphabetical order using #{{user|USERNAME}}. You are also encouraged to join WikiProject Novels. If you decide to leave the task force, please remove your name from the list below.

Active membersEdit

  1. AJ Mory (talk · contribs)
  2. Mr. Anon515 (talk · contribs)
  3. Anthonyelder23 (talk · contribs)
  4. Bilorv (talk · contribs)
  5. Charles Snicket (talk · contribs)
  6. CrabFreak (talk · contribs)
  7. CyberGhostface (talk · contribs)
  8. Cymru.lass (talk · contribs)
  9. Dustkateb (talk · contribs)
  10. Emma Jane A. (talk · contribs)
  11. HiddenHand (talk · contribs)
  12. Frickative (talk · contribs)
  13. Gloryify (talk · contribs)
  14. Iuio (talk · contribs)
  15. Mr. Random (talk · contribs)
  16. Nicole A. Jenkins (talk · contribs)
  17. Nyswimmer (talk · contribs)
  18. OneWeirdDude (talk · contribs)
  19. Perseus, Son of Zeus (talk · contribs)
  20. Peacegirl670 (talk · contribs)
  21. Rident (talk · contribs)
  22. Sillybillypiggy (talk · contribs)
  23. Spittlespat (talk · contribs)
  24. Starkiller88 (talk · contribs)
  25. TechFilmer (talk · contribs)
  26. Terciel (talk · contribs)
  27. The Man in Question (talk · contribs)
  28. The Shadow-Fighter (talk · contribs)
  29. Tonnatwajes (talk · contribs)
  30. WittyQuote (talk · contribs)
  31. Kirananils (talk · contribs)
  32. Good afternoon (talk · contribs)
  33. TuorEladar (talk) 17:49, 15 April 2020 (UTC)

Inactive membersEdit

  1. ACBest (talk · contribs)
  2. Baroques (talk · contribs)
  3. Clamster5 (talk · contribs)
  4. EoinMahon (talk · contribs)
  5. Gruesome Pet (talk · contribs)
  6. Hortensio (talk · contribs)
  7. Ladywitchthought (talk · contribs)
  8. Orthologist (talk · contribs)
  9. Melie (talk · contribs)


  1. Glimmer721 (talk · contribs)
  2. Kevinalewis (talk · contribs) – representing WP:Novels; assisting as experienced editor
  3. Minecraftpsyco (talk · contribs)
  4. Wham Bam Rock II (talk · contribs)

News and To-do ListEdit

  The Lemony Snicket WikiProject News and To-do List

Project news

Have we missed anything? Have a comment? Please post on the talk page!

  • We are always looking for new members! Invite registered users who edit and contribute to Lemony Snicket-related articles to join us!
  • We have an advertisement, courtesy of User:Qxz! Place it on your userpage or talk page to introduce other editors to the project.
Member news
  • The task force has currently 17 active members and 8 inactive members. Please invite other users to join us! Use template {{subst:inviteLS}}.
From the Members

We welcome everyone who has an interest in A Series of Unfortunate Events or frequently edits pages relating to Lemony Snicket to join our task force.

By bringing all editors together with the same guidelines and standards, we can make pages more informative and professional.

We encourage all members to become more involved. If you're wondering what needs help, do not hesitate to ask.

Clamster 01:20, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

Lacks real-world perspective / secondary information
Lacks sufficient references and inline citations
Lacks organization / wikification
Lacks proper grammar or spelling
Lacks professional style and tone
  • All articles need improvement
Current Discussions
Other Ways to Help
  • Many of the Lemony Snicket pages are plagued by basic spelling and grammar mistakes, and to a greater level a general lack of style. Try to fix these mistakes as you find them and make Aunt Josephine proud.

General InformationEdit

WP:NOVELS Lemony Snicket task force which is concerned with any article related to the various works of fiction (games, films, books) by Lemony Snicket.


  • To improve the general standard of articles pertaining to Lemony Snicket.
  • To establish a style guide in furtherance of this.
  • To establish a general standard of notability for these articles.
  • To improve the quality of information within these articles.
  • To organize information in an efficient and appealing manner.
  • To get articles promoted to featured


Featured contentEdit

Good articlesEdit


This advertisement is for use in user pages and user talk pages only. Failure to act accordingly might result in you getting blocked.

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Lemony Snicket task force 


Lemony Snicket task force articles have been selected for the Wikipedia 0.8 releaseEdit

Version 0.8 is a collection of Wikipedia articles selected by the Wikipedia 1.0 team for offline release on USB key, DVD and mobile phone. Articles were selected based on their assessed importance and quality, then article versions (revisionIDs) were chosen for trustworthiness (freedom from vandalism) using an adaptation of the WikiTrust algorithm.

We would like to ask you to review the Lemony Snicket task force articles and revisionIDs we have chosen. Selected articles are marked with a diamond symbol (♦) to the right of each article, and this symbol links to the selected version of each article. If you believe we have included or excluded articles inappropriately, please contact us at Wikipedia talk:Version 0.8 with the details. You may wish to look at your WikiProject's articles with cleanup tags and try to improve any that need work; if you do, please give us the new revisionID at Wikipedia talk:Version 0.8. We would like to complete this consultation period by midnight UTC on Monday, October 11th.

We have greatly streamlined the process since the Version 0.7 release, so we aim to have the collection ready for distribution by the end of October, 2010. As a result, we are planning to distribute the collection much more widely, while continuing to work with groups such as One Laptop per Child and Wikipedia for Schools to extend the reach of Wikipedia worldwide. Please help us, with your WikiProject's feedback!

For the Wikipedia 1.0 editorial team, SelectionBot 23:15, 19 September 2010 (UTC)