Welcome to my userpage! Here, you can see my current projects, get to know me a bit, and take a look at stuff I've already written. You can also talk to me here, or, if you have something you don't want the whole world seeing, you can email me here. I have previously edited with this same account under the names Ssgem (April 2018 to September 2018) and WizardKing (September 2018 to July 2019). I reserve the right to completely screw something up, and give permission for you to whack me upside the head with a big, wet, nasty, smelly, disgusting, slimy fish if I do. I have RfA criteria which can be seen right here. I try to keep my number of mainspace edits at at least a third of my total edits, and if you ever notice me failing to do that, please do that whole fish thing I just talked about.

I am a straight male, and use he/him pronouns, but it matters little to me what pronouns you use as long as I know you're talking to me. I am an appointed, officially nonpartisan member of a local governmental board.

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What I do hereEdit

Most of my work is in the Draft: and User talk: namespaces, G13'ing abandoned drafts. Content creation isn't my strong suit, so most of my mainspace edits are correcting typos or grammatical errors, or removing vandalism. The nature of my work means I usually find myself in conversations with newer editors. If you're here because I've declined/rejected your draft, or recommended it for speedy deletion, feel free to contact me at my talk page to discuss it, but please try to remain civil. You can also find me occasionally in articles about American politics, American football, criminals, heavy metal music, and whatever else happens to pique my interest that particular day.

Current, future, and completed tasksEdit

Current tasksEdit

  • Gnoming: Removing redlinks, fixing typos and formatting issues, and removing vandalism.
  • I check Special:RecentChanges for vandalism occasionally, but User:ClueBot NG always seems to get there first.
  • Speedy deletion tagging old and abandoned drafts in accordance with CSD policy section G13.

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==Help desk==
This is a courtesy notification, since you cannot be [[WP:PING|pinged]], that I have responded to your message on the help desk. Your message can be found [[WP:Helpdesk#|here]]. Thank you. ~~~~

==Reference desk== 
This is a courtesy notification, since you cannot be [[WP:PING|pinged]], that I have responded to your message on the reference desk. Your message can be found [[WP:RD/X#|here]]. Thank you. ~~~~

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