John Sadler (historian)

John Sadler is a British historian specialising in the Anglo-Scottish Border conflicts during the Middle Ages. Sadler is a regular contributor to military and historical journals and has published a number of books on the subject.[1] Some of his books were written in collaboration with Rosie Serdiville.[2] He has taught and tutored history as well.[3]

John Sadler
SubjectAnglo-Scottish warfare

Sadler is a member of the living history group Time Bandits.[4]

Selected worksEdit

  • (1988) Battle for Northumbria, UK: Bridge Studios ISBN 0-9512630-3-X
  • (1996) Scottish Battles
  • (2000) War in the North 1461–1464
  • (2005) Clan MacDonald's Greatest Defeat: The Battle of Harlaw 1411, UK: NPI Media Group, ISBN 0-7524-3330-X
  • (2005) Border Fury: England and Scotland at War 1296–1568, UK: Pearson Education Ltd, ISBN 1-4058-4022-6
  • (2006) Culloden: The Last Charge of the Highland Clans, UK: NPI Media Group, ISBN 0-7524-3955-3
  • (2006) Raiders and Reivers
  • (2006) Flodden 1513
  • (2014) Blood Divide: A Novel of Flodden Field[5]


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